My name is Roman Ripp, and this is my website.
Here you can find information about my projects and interests.

About me

I was born and raised in Siberia in a small town called Tomsk. I got my education at University of Minnesota in the USA. Currently, I live in a beautiful city of Moscow. In my free time, if not hacking, I enjoy biking, exploring new places or snowboarding.



I am passionate about technology and keep my fingers on a pulse of latest developments. My passion and creativity is supported by education. In May 2014 I received a Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Minnesota. Currently I am working as a Software Engineer at DPTechnology Corp. My areas of interest are but not limited to 3d simulation, robotics, recommender systems, and data analysis. I am skilled Software Developer and value good code design and quality.
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My Work

Here you will find information on my latest projects. I have also put some information on my past work.

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